Does a sweaty date equal a better date? Experts say yes!

Not only does exercise pump loads of endorphins that clear your mind and rev up your sex drive, research shows that doing physical activities with a significant other actually ignites the same pathways of the brain as falling in love. So, grab your sweetie and get moving with these unique date night ideas that will get your heart pumping.

Rock Climbing

Build trust (and allover muscle tone!) with rock climbing, either outside or at an indoor gym. The teamwork and clear communication involved can bring your one-on-one interactions to the next level. Rock climbing is especially good for your core, which involves your front, back and sides – not just your abs. And because the belayer is responsible for the climber not falling on his or her head (not a good look for date night), trust is key – so you’re strengthening your bod and your bond.


Bobbing, weaving, punching, kicking and jabbing can torch up to 450 calories or more per hour! Kickboxing is a complete workout, helping you work on your power, strength, endurance, agility and flexibility, all in one class complete with rockin’ tunes and new friends. Plus, what couple doesn’t want to pummel away stress in a fun, safe atmosphere? Visit our website to check out our list of locations nationwide, and tell your S.O. to prepare for a date that’s literally kick-butt.


How about a little healthy competition to cement your status as a power couple? Team up to take down your opponents, or join different teams to up the ante. Running, jumping and dodging paintballs are a great ways to get your adrenaline pumping, and definitely makes for a unique couples’ activity.

Dance Lessons

From sultry salsa to the classic waltz, dance lessons are an ideal way to sync up on the dance floor (and maybe even in the bedroom!). Learning the different steps, or even lifting and dipping your partner, will keep your mind so occupied you won’t even notice you’re breaking a sweat. Plus, you’ll be itching to show off your new moves next time you go out.


Grabbing your bike and hitting the trail or city streets does wonders for your quads, hamstrings, hips, and glutes, helping you stay lean and keep your metabolism humming. Biking around town with your special someone is also a wonderful opportunity to explore your ‘hood, and maybe even find a new restaurant to try together. Just remember to wear your helmet!

Two-Person Kayaking

Sneak an upper-body workout into a picture-perfect afternoon when you invite your partner to go kayaking! Not only does it work out your arms, it’s a low-stress exercise option for anyone with knee pain or injuries. As much as you do use your arms, kayaking is still a whole-body workout, including your shoulders, back, and maybe even some muscles you never knew you had. To up the romance factor, plan a kayaking date during sunset hours, when UV rays are also less harmful.