Three-day weekends are made for plenty of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, they can also mean letting your fitness fall by the wayside by overindulging at too many BBQs – holy rib rack, Batman!

Here’s how to stay healthy without sacrificing the good times this Memorial Day.

Pass on the fattening ribs, hot dogs and potato salad and opt for clean options like a grilled chicken breast and veggie kabobs instead. If you do decide to enjoy a burger, choose the smallest patty, load up on veggie toppings, and skip the bun. For a BBQ-friendly spin on health dessert, you can even grill fruits like pineapple to satisfy your sweet tooth. It just may become your new favorite dessert for any time of year.

Choose one day to imbibe on beer and cocktails, and always remember to alternate alcoholic beverages with good-old water. Not only will this keep calories in check and your belly full, it will keep you hydrated in the sizzling summer heat.

Stay active

Memorial Day is the perfect time to get outdoors! On your day off, enjoy activities like paddle boarding, cycling, hiking, beach yoga and more. Or, at the cookout, challenge your friends to a game of water polo or volleyball.

BYOM – Bring Your Own Meat

Bring a few healthy proteins of your own, like fish or even homemade veggie burgers, to the weekend BBQ. Not only is it polite to bring some contributions to the grill master, but it ensures you will have healthy options on hand when hunger strikes.

Nix added sugars

Not all marinades are created equal. In fact, some BBQ sauces have more sugar than a candy bar! Always check the sugar content and serving sizes if you are using a premade marinade. Even better, unleash your inner chef and make your own with healthy fruit juices and flavorful spice blends.