Do you ever see a super fit person and think to yourself, “How the heck do they do it?”

Newsflash: Those people aren’t Superman (or Wonder Woman) in disguise. They don’t have any special talents you don’t have. They’ve simply developed healthy habits and lifestyle choices that work, and stick to them. Read on to discover some of the habits that super healthy people practice regularly. One day, by incorporating a few of these tips into your own life, someone will ask you how you do it!

Go for a stroll on your lunch break

Those coworkers who leave their desk for 30 minutes during lunch have got it right. Most Americans (we’re talking nearly 80 percent) are vitamin D deficient. One of the best ways to get more D? Step outside! By getting more vitamin D, you’ll be more likely to stick to your fitness plan because you’ll likely be happier and less sick. As a bonus, you’ll get your blood pumping, burn some calories, and return to your to-do list more focused.

Count colors, not calories

As you can guess, a handful of almonds versus a handful of M&Ms will have a totally different impact on your health (and your waistline). While keeping portions under control is crucial to keeping weight in check, one of the easiest ways to put together a nutritious, balanced meal is to look at how many colors are on your plate. Filling your dish with greens and reds and yellows will help you create a tasty meal that will also help with muscle recovery and weight loss.

Schedule your workouts ahead

If you let your week unfold as events happen, chances are your days will get ahead of you. Translation: You’ll be too tired to work out. Planning to attend a fitness class ahead of time is a good way to force yourself to stick to your fitness routine. You can check out our website now to find class times for an ILKB location near you. We all have lazy days, but scheduling your workouts helps ensure you won’t skip them.

Give yourself a rest

Rest can be just as important as activity. Taking days off allows your body to recover, which will make you even stronger the next time you exercise again. So, don’t be afraid to give yourself a day off in between your workouts.

Prepare for parties

Don’t skip parties, plan for parties. By squeezing in an extra workout or skipping your dessert during the week, you can allow more room for indulgences to fit into your diet without ruining it.

Enlist a fitness sidekick

We’ve all been there – you’re hanging out with friends when the group decides to order a pizza, and, next thing you know, you’re on slice three of pepperoni. Make friends who prioritize fitness or live an active lifestyle to help you stick to your own goals. It’s easier to stay consistent when you’ve got a friend by your side.

Keep water on your nightstand

Drinking H2O right when you wake up is important, and the best way to make sure that happens is to keep a tall glass of water on your nightstand. Chugging a glass as soon as you wake up helps you rehydrate, and helps kick-start your digestive system and prepare it for the day.